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Programming – i-Tech Innovative Technical Services, LLC


i-Tech offers full service capabilities with excellent programming and support services for the majority of our product lines. This includes troubleshooting to full system development with PLC+HMI+Motion, industrial networking, and everything in between. With every programming opportunity we develop an SOW (Scope of Work) to define desired functionality, track development progress through multiple milestones, perform prototype testing, and ensure proper operation in the field.

Products we support: 
ioT/remote access and monitoring, PLCs, Industrial PCs, HMIs, Vision Systems, VFD’s, Motion/Machine Controllers, Intelligent Sensors. 

We support all programming languages like: IEC61131-3,C/C++, C#, Java, Python, and Javascript, and whatever our manufacturers supply.

We support WAGO, Kollmorgen, Pro-face, Beijer, Panasonic , Unitronics, eWON and many others on our line card.

If needed, i-Tech can support your field setup and troubleshooting needs. We realize that working with our customers to ensure the product operates correctly in the field is crucial for a headache-free setup.