TRI-PHASEI-TECHAutomation Solutions of WI
Manufacturing – i-Tech Innovative Technical Services, LLC


  • With a focus on OEM customer’s, i-Tech has successfully built electro-mechanical assemblies and industrial control panels for the last decade. Our clients rely on us to build high quality and cost effective systems. We are an UL 508A industrial control panel manufacturer and also have experience building CE control panels.
  • i-Tech spends a large amount of upfront time ensuring that our customer’s will not be disappointed. We do this by developing the most accurate and efficient designs and assembly instructions which improve quality and overall cost effectiveness.
  • Collaboration – our staff routinely meets to address any issues quickly to ensure that your projects stay in budget and on-time.
  • Continuous Improvement – we are always exploring and implementing innovative technologies and processes to improve quality and create efficiencies. From automated panel stands and automated tooling to Kaizen events and digital process tracking, we aim to keep ahead of the curve.
  • Our manufacturing team is well versed in the assembly of a wide variety of industrial control panels and electro-mechanical assemblies. Challenge us with your next project.
  • Capacity – With over 30,000 square of assembly, testing, and inventory space we can handle any size projects.