TRI-PHASEI-TECHAutomation Solutions of WI
Company – i-Tech Innovative Technical Services, LLC


i-Tech has developed the best way to manufacture control panels for our customers.

i-Tech has unlimited access to the most advanced products in industrial controls. We constantly evaluate new components to insure we are using the best solutions for your project. Furthermore, because of our buying power through Tri-Phase Automation, we can insure the cost for those components are the lowest in the industry.

Combined with our internal engineering, design and programming expertise we can develop the “best” solution for your project. Our model of low cost components, lean assembly methods and constant re-evaluation of your project will maximize your profit potential.

What is often overlooked when customizing a solution is the extensive burden and time of overhead costs, inventory management, and quality control that doesn’t add value to your customer. We minimize those unprofitable activities and provide a cost effective approach.

i-Tech understands the necessity of deadlines, technical requirements, quality and providing our customers with support. We will manage your project with a results-oriented approach, which focuses on understanding your needs as a customer and developing a winning project plan to achieve success. Our goal is to make our partners successful by leading with innovation and cost reduction.