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Validated high speed capping

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A major filling company turned to SMAC to help them  develop a new, cost-effective way for capping containers at high speeds.  The goal was to achieve tighter, 100% validatable tolerances for on-torque as well as validate off-torque.  Furthermore, the solution needed to be highly flexible to accommodate the large variety of caps and containers run on the line.  Improving speed, productivity and quality were additional high priorities.

The Solution

LAR Series linear-rotary actuators from SMAC provide the perfect technology for improving capping quality while cost-effectively providing 100% real time on and off torque validation. Built-in force, torque, speed and stroke control and feedback can be used to optimize the process without need for additional external sensors and checking stations.

Read the full application solution from SMAC:

Case Study – Validated High Speed Capping