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Sealing and Cutting with SMAC Actuators

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Actuators in Heat Sealer Machines

Moving Coil Actuators can be used in heat or adhesive sealing applications on heat sealer machines.  These machines are used to seal products, packaging and other thermoplastic materials using heat. Moving Coil Actuators from SMAC can apply consistent and even force and will not damage the seal with a hard impact like is typical with a pneumatic cylinder. These programmable actuators fit those applications where air cylinders can’t provide the speed, reliability, control, and longevity necessary to meet customers’ productivity goals, changeover needs, and cost reduction requirements.  See how the SMAC moving coil actuators work on a bottle sealing packaging application.  Watch the Bottle Sealing Demonstration video

Application Advantages:
  • Precision force control
  • Consistent and even heat seals
  • Apply pressure without breaking the seal
  • The ability to provide feedback on every cycle
  • Soft-Land and still achieve high cycle rates!
No Air Required

All electric Moving Coil Actuators from SMAC are ideal for a wide range of high cycle positioning, measuring, inspection, and pick and place applications, particularly where 100% verification is required. Customers desiring to increase up-time, ease of set up, and adjustment can make dramatic improvements by using mechatronic SMAC Moving Coil technology.

We are a Distributor of SMAC actuators in Wisconsin and Illinois. Contact us for more information about this solution or to discuss your upcoming application needs.