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Economy Motion Solutions – Tri-Phase Automation


Economy Solutions from Mitsubishi Electric provides a low-cost, reliable, powerful, and easy-to-configure bundle of components allowing OEMs and system integrators to integrate high-precision motion control quickly, effortlessly, and affordably into their applications. There are three solutions to choose from all dependent on your motion needs. 

  • Compact Motion leverages the NEW FX5 Motion Module, FX5 PLCs, and the J5/JET drives and motors for small to medium-sized systems delivering premium performance at an affordable price.
  • Basic Motion is a low-cost solution best suited for small systems. This solution uses the integrated networking of the FX5 to allow the control of MR-J5/JET amplifiers and operates over the CC-Link IE Field Basic network.
  • Pulse Motion is for small systems and uses the J5-A and JE-A amplifiers. This solution operates over pulse train communication that allows easy integration with third party PLCs.

Whether you are looking for the best performance or the best value, Economy Solutions have the options to meet your motion needs.  Learn more about the Economy Motion Solution.