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Kollmorgen is that specialist in motion. With their deep practical knowledge of electromagnetic theory and control, they are uniquely positioned to help you solve your most demanding motor and motion control requirements.


Kollmorgen offers high-performance motion control with PC-based, drive-resident and standalone motion controller products along with I/O solutions, HMI panels and complete programming software.

  • Complete selection of controller hardware
  • HMIs with touchscreens, function keys and keypad options
  • Variety of I/O slices, couplers and relays
  • Intelligent safety function monitors


Kollmorgen offers various electronic motor drives with advanced control technology, multiple fieldbus connectivity options, and control interfaces. Choose from a broad selection of servo, stepper and vehicle drives in a wide range of input voltages and output power levels.

  • Servo drives
  • Stepper drives
  • Optional safety features
  • Ethernet fieldbuses: EtherCAT, Ethernet /IP, Profinet, SERCOS III, and SynqNet
  • Fieldbuses: including Profibus, DeviceNet, CanOpen, RS485, RS232, and SERCOS II
  • 2G Motion System


The family of permanent magnet motors manufactured by Kollmorgen offers an extremely wide variety of size and package types. From frameless pancake motors to high acceleration housed/shafted motors, Kollmorgen offers the most complete range of high performance motors available today.

  • Brushless servo motors
  • High-performance stepper motors
  • Direct drive linear and rotary motors
  • AC synchronous motors
  • Brush DC
  • Washdown food grade
  • Explosion proof


Kollmorgen offers a wide variety of linear motion systems. These actuators are perfect for replacing air and hydraulic cylinders. Kollmorgen also offers precision tables and rodless actuators that have carriages that move the load from point to point.

  • Electric cylinders
  • Rodless actuators
  • Precision tables
  • Direct drive linear motors


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